Topic: Compassion

Love Makes a Fist (Video)

There is a line between niceties and the true fruits of compassion. The former is cheap politeness. The latter is the raw stuff of community and healing, the everyday magic of companionship and kindness that inspires acts of real Love. Sometimes that Love doesn’t … read more.

Pride: All The Colors of Compassion

We seek a greater Love that surpasses understanding, drawing our circles of compassion ever wider. This faith has called us to be a presence in the struggle for the liberation of gender diverse people and those who find love with the same sex, yet for … read more.

Empathy Under Empire

When countering fascism turns acts of daily life into civil disobedience, how can we lean on the principles of civil disobedience to thrive? Seminarian Meghan Garvey will lead us to explore how the principle of “revolutionary grace” can anchor Unitarian Universalists as we continue working … read more.

Are you Listening?

This Sunday, we share a sermon from Rev. David Ruffin, “Are you Listening?” as we begin July’s exploration of the theme of Compassion. Rev. Ruffin posits that “listening can be an act of love that can bring us and our world much needed peace.” Deeply listening … read more.

The New Normal

With Rev. Edith A. Loves’ permission, we will present a recorded sermon she delivered to the Greater Nashville UU Congregation on May 24, 2020.

Rev. Love writes, “I hear many suggesting it is time soon to ‘go back to normal,’ but I wonder, what does that … read more.