A Candle in The Dark: Compassion and Mental Health (Video)

We are no strangers to the dark parts and the low lands. Many of us have grappled with mental illness, either within ourselves, with family, or friends. The manifestations are manifold, overwhelming in variety and often difficult to diagnose or treat. Many of us cannot hope for a cure and must learn to live with the ways our hearts and minds work differently, yet we need not do so alone. Compassion literally means “To suffer alongside of another.” Whether we ourselves are struggling or have struggled with mental illness, or whether we seek to harness our compassion to be better neighbors, friends, and family for our neurodivergent community members, let us nurture those capacities for both inner healing and true companionship this Sunday at 2U.

Content Warning: This service includes topics of suicide and mental illness. Be a good steward of your heart and reach out for pastoral support should you find yourself needing it. We are here for one another.