Unitarian Universalists affirm and promote seven principles, one of the most cherished being “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

Participants of church clean-up day gather around a tree they have planted
Planting a Tree to Celebrate Earth Day

We demonstrate our respect through action and education, closely aligned with materials provided by the UU Ministry for Earth. Goals include the wise use of natural resources through sustainable living; education through worship services, religious education programs; and the promotion of economic and environmental justice.

Community Garden

Our most visible initiative is our community garden, started in 2011. Open to members, affiliates, and neighborhood families, its vegetables and flowers enhance our grounds as you can see below. The garden also inspires a sense of wonder for our congregation’s children, as one of their favorite activities is to run out to the garden on Sundays to see what’s ripening! More about Ethical Eating.

Second Unitarian Church's community garden

Green Sanctuary

Our Social Justice committee is the contact point for the UUA’s Green Sanctuary Program. Activities fulfill requirements for achieving accreditation as a Green Sanctuary congregation. Specific duties:

  • Facilitate planning and documentation of activities that lead to achievement and retention of Green Sanctuary accreditation.
  • Promote “green” dialogue with existing committees, individual members, and friends.
  • Assimilate “green” philosophy into activities of other committees.