We foster stewardship at Second Unitarian to help each of us discover our own personal generosity. Supporting our church’s mission of authenticity, compassion and transformation helps us focus beyond our personal boundaries to become part of something greater than ourselves. By deepening our generosity, whether it be through gifts of time, talent or treasure, we can experience greater joy and meaning in our lives.

Opportunities to give at Second Unitarian take on several different forms of generosity:

Church Cleanup
Church Cleanup Day. Photo by Mary Bamesberger.

Time and Talent – We ask that you share your time and talent, whether it is brewing a pot of coffee for Sunday morning fellowship, sprucing up the church during spring cleaning, providing a meal to a family in need, or singing in the choir during Sunday morning worship. More

Annual Financial Pledge – Each year we ask that you make a financial pledge that you judge to be your fair share of the church’s needs, in light of your income and means, and the fact that generous contributions from others in the past have sustained and built the church we enjoy today.

To foster stewardship at Second Unitarian, we organize an annual spring pledge drive that includes stewardship conversations — one-on-one chats over coffee, small-group meetings in members’ homes or church-wide dinners. These conversations build and enhance the church community through personal contacts and provide a time for each of us to reflect on what the church means to us.

Fellowship Event Kicks Off Annual Stewardship Conversations
Fellowship Event Kicks Off Annual Stewardship Conversations. Photo by Michael Abraham.

At their conclusion, members turn in their signed annual financial pledges, essential to strengthening the congregation and the larger community. Pledges are then fulfilled by members throughout the upcoming church year.

Download a 2018-2019 Financial Pledge Form

Download a 2018-2019 ACH Form if you would like to arrange for automatic monthly payments from your bank account.

Fundraising Events – The Fundraising Team plans one or more community-building fundraising events each year.

Planned Giving – Members of the Endowment Committee can help you explore various types of planned giving. Please inform the committee if you have arranged for a future gift, such as leaving a charitable bequest to Second Unitarian in your will or living trust.