Why does Second Unitarian Church exist?

The meaning and purpose of our church is to nurture each other toward our better selves, in order to transform our community and the world to be more just and kind, and toward becoming better stewards of the earth.

We are the village that has the potential and the power to transform ourselves, the community, and the world.

What is our vision?

The church we envision is one where:

  • We see ourselves as striving to live with integrity and working together to bring about needed change in our community and world through acts of love and justice.
  • We find ourselves in ministry to each other and our community through vibrant worship, religious learning, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  • We feel nurtured and challenged in the diverse tapestry of Beloved Community, where everyone can be their authentic selves and know they belong.

How will we fulfill our purpose and achieve our vision?

Our mission is to be authentic, compassionate, and transformative in our lives, in our faith, and in the world.