Meaning and Purpose Report

March 2021

Who are we? What is our meaning and purpose as a religious community? In early 2020, Second Unitarian’s developmental minister at the time, Rev. Cyndi Simpson, advised the Board of Trustees to engage the congregation in answering these questions.

The Nominations & Leadership Development committee helped the Board facilitate this work, all of which was done virtually due to the pandemic. After months of collecting members’ thoughts and ideas, the Board and Nominations & Leadership Development have presented a report, outlining a clear vision of our purpose and how we can achieve our purpose through action.

The Meaning & Purpose report outlines a path forward to become the church we are called to be.

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ReVision Report

January 2021

A ‘ReVision’ team formed in March 2020 to reimagine religious education at Second Unitarian Church. Team members include Director of Religious Education Ashleigh Fuson, Jaime Short, Janet Nichols, Pam Miller-Jenkins, Pete Miller, and Anita Jeck. Through research and discussion, the goal was to envision a program of religious education that was more effective and sustainable than our current model. During this time a vision for religious education came into clearer focus.

The ReVision report outlines a new vision for becoming a community of all ages, for reaching out to families, and for nurturing lifespan religious exploration.

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