Our facility may be available for noncommercial rentals; for rites of passage such as weddings and memorial services; and for other occasions. Our congregation makes our facility available as a service to the community.

Facility Information

3012 South 119th St. (119th & Westwood Lane)
Omaha, NE 68144

  • Sanctuary seats 90 people comfortably; 120 maximum.
  • Grand piano available.
  • Audio/visual equipment with large viewing screen.
  • Library and small meeting area at rear of sanctuary.
  • Serving bar and sink at rear of sanctuary. No separate fellowship hall.
  • Kitchen to warm food downstairs.
  • Accessible entrance and restrooms.

For more information about our facility, please contact the Church Office at 402-334-0537 ext. 114 or info@2uomaha.org.

Facility Rental Policy and Application Form (PDF format)

Facility Rental Policy and Application Form (Word format)

Rites of Passage

Rev. Juniper Meadows is available to facilitate rites of passage and assist groups and individuals in designing ceremonies and rituals to mark life’s milestones. To inquire, please contact Rev. Meadows at minister@2uomaha.org.