Our church governance is the structure that enables us all — members and staff — to effectively participate together in our shared ministry.

Board of Trustees – The governing body of this church. More

Committees – Groups of dedicated individuals who carry out the shared ministry of this church. More

Congregational Covenant of Right Relations – How we pledge to work together. More

Special Reports 2021 – Two significant reports published in early 2021 — the Meaning & Purpose report and the ReVision report — outline a new path forward for our congregation. More

Governing Documents – Documents that outline why we exist; our roles and responsibilities; and rules and policies that help us work effectively with one another. The documents include our Articles of Incorporation, Church Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Church Policies. More

Budget – Current budget and prior-years’ budgets. More

Annual Reports – From 2009 through the most recent report. More

Forms – Forms to help committees and members communicate with our office administrator, board of trustees and other committees. More