Read about the experiences our members have had in our church community — why they came and why they have stayed.

I needed a group that was intellectually stimulating and encouraged critical thinking. I wanted an opportunity for social activism and connections to others doing good work in the community. I craved teaching that inspired ethics without dogma or doctrine. I sought a caring community that welcomed me how I was. I found the Second Unitarian … Continue reading Jim Poleshuk

Jim Poleshuk

When we moved here from Seattle with our two-year-old daughter in 2010, we wanted a community that shared our values of social justice, freedom of thought, and inclusion. We found all that and more at Second Unitarian. We felt instantly welcomed and knew we wanted to be a part of this thriving spiritual community. It … Continue reading Pete and Carolyn Miller

Pete and Carolyn Miller

A beloved member of Second Unitarian, Greg Minter passed away on April 8th, 2023. When asked about his thoughts on Second Unitarian in 2020, this is what he wrote. I traversed a road through a labyrinth of sorrow to the ultimate joy of Second Unitarian Church. During my wife, Jane’s, hospitalization before her death, Rev. … Continue reading Greg Minter

Greg Minter

When we moved back to Omaha with our two-and-a-half-year-old, we left a UU congregation that she dearly loved and we were heavily involved in. On my first visit to Second Unitarian, I immediately felt that same closeness that I had felt at my old spiritual home. I felt (and still feel) like everyone here is … Continue reading Molly Kliment-Jenkins

Molly Kliment-Jenkins

We first attended Second Unitarian after 20 years of no church. We had been raised in Catholic and evangelical Christian churches but were looking for a more open-minded church for our children, who were ages 9 and 4 at the time. Our children have since grown into young adults, carrying with them their UU values. Meanwhile, Second U has … Continue reading Rick and Kathy Bell

Rick and Kathy Bell Rick and Kathy Bell in Fontenelle Forest.