Read about the experiences our members have had in our church community — why they came and why they have stayed.

I needed a group that was intellectually stimulating and encouraged critical thinking.

I wanted an opportunity for social activism and connections to others doing good work in the community.

I craved teaching that inspired ethics without dogma or doctrine.

I sought a caring community that welcomed me how … read more.

Jim Poleshuk

When we moved here from Seattle with our two-year-old daughter in 2010, we wanted a community that shared our values of social justice, freedom of thought, and inclusion. We found all that and more at Second Unitarian. We felt instantly welcomed and knew we wanted … read more.

Pete and Carolyn Miller

A beloved member of Second Unitarian, Greg Minter passed away on April 8th, 2023. When asked about his thoughts on Second Unitarian in 2020, this is what he wrote.

I traversed a road through a labyrinth of sorrow to the ultimate joy of Second Unitarian Church. … read more.

Greg Minter

When we moved back to Omaha with our two-and-a-half-year-old, we left a UU congregation that she dearly loved and we were heavily involved in. On my first visit to Second Unitarian, I immediately felt that same closeness that I had felt at my old spiritual … read more.

Molly Kliment-Jenkins

We first attended Second Unitarian after 20 years of no church. We had been raised in Catholic and evangelical Christian churches but were looking for a more open-minded church for our children, who were ages 9 and 4 at the time. Our children have since grown into young … read more.

Rick and Kathy Bell Rick and Kathy Bell in Fontenelle Forest.