Speaker: Rev. Juniper Meadows

Rev. Juniper Meadows has served as our minister since May 2022.

The Luminous Language: Paint Communion

Language is often thought of in terms of speech or the written word; confined to the pen or the tongue. The capacity to communicate, however, resides not only in humans but in a luminous landscape of beings. Even we humans often communicate outside the bounds … read more.

Celebrating the Arts: The Magic of Poetry

The mystics all seem to say essentially the same thing. Mystery, mystery, its mystery all the way down; an ineffable love that gets deeper the closer you look. Many of these mystics and spiritual mavericks found the capacity to communicate their revelations not in standard … read more.

The Living Tradition: Values

Here at 2nd Unitarian we have been asking ourselves “What are our values?” What are we about as a people here in this caravan of no-despair? There are movements in our denomination that might suggest an avenue towards centering a collective set of values. As … read more.

Queer Joy: Glitter Communion

How does one live in the trouble? When laws and legal systems vilify your body and what you do with your body in the name of love, how do you survive? It is said that life without celebration is a long road without an inn, … read more.

Playful Spirits: Rabbits and Realness

What is Real? Does it happen all at once or does it take some time to become Real? Does it hurt? This Sunday we explore that timeless work of Margery Williams Bianco, “The Velveteen Rabbit” published a century ago this year; treating this children’s story … read more.

We Cry Freedom

There is a wound on the heart of the land. Not new, but extremely palpable right now; burning with irony in the light of a 4th of July fireworks display as this country revels in freedom even as millions are losing access to life-saving healthcare. … read more.

Blessed Unrest: Movement & Miracles

What might a blessing truly be? Often it is construed as some supernatural help, but suppose we don’t particularly feel attuned to aid from beyond. What may a blessing be for us then? Might a blessing be something more fundamental; a swell of love, connection, … read more.

Flower Communion

In times of trouble, turning to beauty can be a means of reconnecting to the source of life. Flowers have long been a symbol of joy amidst the low places; a gentle reminder of the enduring, sublime power of the Beautiful and it’s power to … read more.