Speaker: Rev. Juniper Meadows

Rev. Juniper Meadows has served as our minister since May 2022.

The 2U Spirit: Affirming Authenticity

Our mission at 2nd Unitarian calls us to be Authentic, Compassionate, and Transformative. This Summer, we will be exploring each of these themes throughout the months of June, July, and August, starting with Authenticity.

What does it mean to live authentically in a life of faith? … read more.

Mother’s Day: It Takes a Village

Few endeavors call for more creativity than the act of parenting. There’s no one definitive way to be a mother and so many ways to be a good one; bringing that unconditional love and compassion into the heart of our most meaningful relationships, our families, … read more.

Empty Tomb, Laughing Jesus

There are many ways to read the story of Easter; a divine promise absolving believers of sin, a synthesis of Pagan and Christian symbolism to mark the reawakening of the world in Spring, an empty tomb for some, a room full of the laughter of … read more.

Fools for Love 

Every Sunday, Rev. Juniper wraps up worship with a benediction, usually saying something like “Let us be Fools for Love and Pilgrims for Justice.” As we enter into our April theme of Resistance, let us begin by exploring that old archetype of the holy fool, … read more.


In fits and starts the earth turns toward Spring; flowers soon to be gracing the low places and high places filled with bird song. This Sunday let us explore the turnings of the Earth that hint towards spring time as we lift up Ostara; that … read more.