Speaker: Rev. Juniper Meadows

Rev. Juniper Meadows has served as our minister since May 2022.

The Mystery of a New Year (Video)

We’ve weathered a lot together this calendar year. From shouting down heinous legislation to the Hallelujah of the Pride parade, from navigating the complexity of the human heart to welcoming so many new friends into our community, 2023 has been a time of growth … read more.

Blue Christmas on Zoom

Due to the snow, we will not be meeting in person this morning but will be meeting online.

“As much as I’d like to hold an in-person Blue Christmas service, the best way to respect the safety of our leaders and meet the needs of folks … read more.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

All are invited to join us in the evening for a special Christmas Eve candlelight service, a time to reflect on advent, anticipation, and the miracle of peace, liberty, and love waiting to be born.

Christmas Breakfast & Pageant

Join 2nd Unitarian for a light continental breakfast and our special No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant! We’ll be asking for folks to join in the fun and play a part in the production. Let’s embrace Imperfection and the beautiful mess of being together in this special … read more.

Solstice and the Secret of Fire

The middle of winter draws down upon us. The days grow darkest now. It is in this season of cold shadows that the mysteries of fire become most apparent. Warmth. Light. Community.

While we may not be huddling around the fire for survival, let us remember … read more.