We encourage members to further Second Unitarian’s mission by working together through committees, groups of committed individuals making a difference. We strive to work together in accordance with our Congregational Covenant of Right Relations.

Our committees include:

Building and Grounds – Takes care of our property and helps to ensure we are as environmentally conscious as possible in the stewardship of our space. Clyde Anderson, Chair

People trimming a tree and cleaning up brush.

A church clean-up day coordinated by the Building & Grounds Committee.

Caring – Works to build a caring community that will help and support each of our members as we experience the events, stages and transitions of life. Learn More
Pat Solick, Chair

Committee on Ministry – Helps strengthen the quality of ministry for the congregation. Its main task is to monitor, on a regular and continuing basis, the effectiveness of the congregation’s pursuit of its religious mission to its membership and the wider community.
Karen Hux, Pete Miller and Pam Miller-Jenkins; Appointed

Connection – Coordinates Hospitality Teams, welcomes newcomers to our congregation, assists them in meeting with others and exploring membership, and helps members find ways to connect.
JoAnne Draper and Judy Wieczorek, Co-chairs

Faith Connections – Offers adult religious learning opportunities focusing on three topic areas: relational issues; UU history, spirituality, and other faith traditions; and how to be better stewards of the earth. Learn More
Carolyn Miller and JoAnne Draper, Co-chairs 

Fellowship Committee members serving turkey and gravy at Second Unitarian's annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
Fellowship Committee hosting our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Fellowship – Promotes a sense of community and celebration within our congregation by sponsoring various social activities that appeal to our diverse church community. Learn More
Janet Nichols, Chair

Finance Coordinating Council – Oversees Second Unitarian’s fiscal health and marshals the financial resources to further its mission. Coordinates the following teams.
Vicki Pratt, Convener

Endowment – The custodian of the Endowment Fund, which is to be used to enhance the mission of Second Unitarian Church of Omaha and to promote Unitarian Universalist Principles in the community independently from the annual operating budget. Learn More
Rod Baumann, Gene Kopecky and Carolyn Miller; Elected Members

Fundraising – Plans one or more community-building fundraising events each year. Chair position open.

Stewardship – Conducts the annual pledge drive in ways that help each of us discover our own personal generosity through events, house meetings or one-on-one conversations. During the pledge drive we make year-long financial pledges that reflect our own financial condition as well as our commitment to the congregation’s future and success. Learn More
Dorothy Danielson, Chair

Library – Acquires and provides resources for committees, for programs, and for members and friends in order to support us in our search for truth and meaning. View our shelf list.
Melissa Konecky, Chair

Marketing and Communications – Develops communications policy and procedures as well as coordinates the church’s communications and advertising.
Jaime Short and Carol Johnson, Co-Conveners

Nominations and Leadership Development – Helps grow leadership skills in individuals and matches those leaders with our congregation’s needs.
Carol Johnson – Convener, Kathy Huggins, and Deborah Jadhav; Elected Members

Religious Growth and Learning – Responsible for religious education, discussion and celebratory events for our children and youth, designed to nurture the deepening of their religious experience, celebrate their religious community, and inspire empowerment to make a difference. Learn More 
Ashleigh Fuson, Director of Religious Education and Convener

Social Justice – Oversees justice issues and the initiatives 2U takes to address them; solicits nominations for Share the Plate. Learn More
Cheri Cody, Chair

Seven Second Unitarian Church women standing in the rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol

Social Justice Committee members and Rev. Juniper Meadows
participating in an act of public witness at the State Capitol.

Technology – Assists our congregation in using current technology to its greatest capacity.
Carla/Bill Kuhn, Chair

Worship – Worship Associates help deepen our spiritual experience by working collaboratively with the minister to support and participate in worship services and to engage us at many different levels of experience through music, visual art, and aesthetics. Learn More
Tom Peterson, Chair

Aesthetics – Works to create an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary.
Pam Curtiss-Smith, Contact