Sharing Joys and Sorrows

Our community is built on the idea that we care for one another.  To that end, we share the experiences of our lives through connecting with one another, talking with our minister, or sharing Joys and Sorrows during worship.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 for immediate help.

Building a Caring Community

In addition to caring about each other’s joys and sorrows, our congregation has a committee that strives to show compassion to the members of the church.

The committee’s mission is to build a caring community that will help and support each of our members as we experience the events, stages and transitions of life.

Committee Responsibilities

The committee, in cooperation with the Minister, is responsible for ensuring that the following functions are carried out. The Caring Committee assumes full responsibility for these functions when a Minister is not present:

  • Sending cards for births, deaths, and illnesses, etc.
  • Visiting hospitalized and homebound church members when appropriate.
  • Facilitating transportation for members in need to and from church for services and special events. The committee reserves the right to restrict whom it assists based on the committee’s Transportation Guidelines.
  • Assisting with memorial and funeral services and the receptions that follow.
  • Providing and soliciting assistance for members in need.
  • Maintaining a list of volunteers.
  • Keeping the Memorial plaque current.