Our endowment plan helps ensure the future of Second Unitarian Church by enhancing our mission and promoting Unitarian Universalist principles in the community independently from the annual operating budget. No distributions from the fund will be made until it surpasses $250,000, but we are definitely on our way there!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the endowment:


Is the Endowment Fund only for the wealthy members of the congregation?

Certainly not! You need not be wealthy to leave a meaningful legacy at Second Unitarian Church. We accept and appreciate all contributions.  Whatever you choose to give will be combined with the donations of others to do more than any of us can do alone. By contributing to the Endowment, you support Second Unitarian as a continuing beacon of liberal religion in West Omaha.  Because the Endowment earns dividends and interest, your donation will fund project after project, grant after grant into the future.


How will my bequest to the endowment be recognized?

If you wish to have public recognition of your commitment in your final plans, we have decals you can place on your church name tag and you can choose to be recognized in the church directory.  Or, you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.


How does this relate to my regular pledge and the capital campaign?

The Endowment Fund is separate from your regular annual pledge, which supports year-to-year operations of the church, and from the capital campaign to support church improvements including the repaving of the parking lots and new upstairs bathrooms.


How are commitments made?

Gifts can be made to the Endowment Fund at any time.  However, most commitments are made as a bequest that is a proportion of the value of an individual’s estate or as a specified dollar amount upon their passing.


What should it say in my will or estate plans to give money to the Endowment?

Include wording in your estate plan that says “I give to the Second Unitarian Church of Omaha Endowment Fund.” This will help your executor know and implement your final wishes and should be followed by the percent of estate or specific dollar amount of your gift.


Do I have to specify that my donation should go to the Endowment?

You should specify that your donation is intended to go to the Endowment Fund, if that is your wish.  General gifts to Second Unitarian not specified for the Endowment Fund may be added to the general church budget and to be used as the board determines.


Is there an expected or suggested commitment amount?

No, the amount you give to the Endowment is totally at your discretion.  It should reflect your financial situation, responsibilities and commitments you have to loved ones, other donations to charitable and community organizations and your involvement in Second Unitarian.


What about my kids? Can I leave them something, too?

Of course! It’s your money: You can structure your planned giving however you like! Some folks like to leave everything to their children with other organizations receiving funds only if the children are above a certain age or are no longer alive. Others like to have a charitable remainder (a percentage or set dollar amount) that is earmarked for charities of their choice. How you structure it is determined by your desires!


Who do you recommend (attorney, financial planner, estate planner) to help me? 

We do not give financial advice or endorse anyone. If you do not have one, ask your friends, fellow congregants or research online to find one that fits your needs. Or search for “endowment” on our closed facebook page to see who other members have used.


Is this Blue Boat awareness campaign the same as Full Circle?

Blue Boat is the awareness campaign to create interest and awareness in the program. Those who respond with a commitment are Full Circle members.


Can we take from this fund for a capital campaign or one time expense?

Our congregation can use the dividends and earnings as it sees fit. That said, we cannot touch the principle, and we cannot use the earnings/dividends until we reach a minimum of $250,000 for four quarters. But we are getting there! For more details, read our bylaws.


What happens to our endowment fund if something happens to Second Unitarian Church as an entity?

It depends on what that something is!  A merger with another UU congregation would involve negotiation by the board and then a congregational vote. Our bylaws state that if our congregation were to dissolve, any assets, including our endowment fund, would go to the UUA. Specifically, our endowment funds would be added to their endowment fund. Regardless of our individual church’s status, your gift will continue to grow Unitarian Universalism. That’s reassuring.

The UUA has further ways to help you think about planned giving under the UU umbrella. Click here to learn more.


We are a 503c charitable non-profit organization. To learn more about any tax advantages to donating to us, please consult with your tax advisor. For assistance in estate planning, meet with a financial planner, attorney or estate planner of your choice. They can assist you in setting up your gifts so you can continue to help the world.