The New Normal

With Rev. Edith A. Loves’ permission, we will present a recorded sermon she delivered to the Greater Nashville UU Congregation on May 24, 2020.

Rev. Love writes, “I hear many suggesting it is time soon to ‘go back to normal,’ but I wonder, what does that mean? And do we really want to? Let’s explore the implications of that, and what a possible future might look like. How might we help guide towards a better future for us all?”

Rev. Love is a Unitarian Universalist who feels her calling is to work towards love and justice. She is the founder of Resistance: Street Church, which (before the pandemic,) met in a cathedral of trees in her beloved Memphis.

She holds a bachelor of liberal studies in social and racial justice, and a masters degree in divinity. She believes all people are her people, the streets are her parish, and everywhere we are, we are standing on holy ground.