Speaker: Worship Committee

Are you Listening?

This Sunday, we share a sermon from Rev. David Ruffin, “Are you Listening?” as we begin July’s exploration of the theme of Compassion. Rev. Ruffin posits that “listening can be an act of love that can bring us and our world much needed peace.” Deeply listening … read more.

Hidden Blessings

Today’s service is presented by members of the Second Unitarian Dementia Caregivers’ Support Group. The dementia journey is one of heartbreak and challenge. But as with any difficult journey, whether of our own choosing or one that is thrust upon us, there are often unexpected … read more.

2021 Gratitude Homily

Join us for this service featuring Susan Frederick-Gray, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

We will explore our monthly theme – Living with Intention.

Our Voices, Our World

To close out this year of 2021, our service centers around the creative voices of members of our congregation, past and present. Join us at 10:30 for this celebration of the season of Joy as we look forward to the new year.”

The 8th Principle Service

Join us for a joint service between First Unitarian and Second Unitarian as we start the discernment about embracing the 8th principle.

Paula Cole Jones, organizer of the 8th Principle Project, realized after working with many UU congregations that a person can believe they are being … read more.

Who Is The Village?

This Sunday concludes our series “The Power of the Village” as we look at how we come together as a beloved community, working together in mutual support and encouragement. Examining the final theme from our Meaning and Purpose work, Organizational Structure, we consider ways of … read more.