Speaker: Wesley Morrison-Sloat

Wesley Morrison-Sloat serves as a worship associate at Second Unitarian Church of Omaha.

Celebrate with Music

Music is one of the oldest traditions of humanity. From 40,000 year old bone flutes to 4000 year old temples designed to amplify the amplify the voices of worshipers, music is intrinsically linked to human history and today we celebrate its spiritual power.  


Samhain is the ancient Celtic festival marking the end of the growing season and the beginning of the darker half of the year. Vegetation is dying back with killing frosts, and death is in the air. Samhain’s long association with death and the Dead reflects Nature’s rhythms. This contributes to the ancient notion that at … Continue reading Samhain

Our Musical Gifts

Join us for this all-music worship service. Members and friends will share their talents, as we explore the creativity and spirituality of music.