At Second Unitarian Church we focus our worship and our children’s religious education on monthly ministry themes. Click on a theme below to view the titles and descriptions of past sermons centered on that theme.

2022-2023 Ministry Themes

September: Belonging

2021-2022 Ministry Themes

September: Embracing Possibility

October: Cultivating Relationship

November: Holding History

December: Opening to Joy

January: Living with Intention

February: Widening the Circle

March: Renewing Faith

April: Awakening

May: Nurturing Beauty

​June: Celebrating Blessings

July: Playful Spirits

August: Celebrating the Arts

2020-2021 Ministry Themes

September: Renewal

October: Deep Listening

November: Healing

December: Stillness

January: Imagination

February: Beloved Community

March: Commitment

April: Becoming

May: Story

June: Play

July: Celebrate

August: Nostalgia


September: Expectation

October: Belonging

November: Attention

December: Awe

January: Integrity

February: Resilience

March: Wisdom

April: Liberation – All April worship services were canceled due to COVID-19.

May: Thresholds

June: Compassion

July: Seven Principles

August: Acceptance


September: Vision

October: Sanctuary

November: Memory

December: Mystery

January: Possibility

February: Trust

March: Journey

April: Wholeness

May: Curiosity

June: Beauty

July: Prophecy

August: Creativity


September: Aspiration

October: Courage

November: Abundance

December: Hope

January: Intention

February: Identity

March: Welcome

April: Structure

May: Worship

June: Blessing

July: Perseverance

August: Balance