Topic: Love

The Home That Love Made

2nd Unitarian Church of Omaha has been a spiritual home for freedom loving folks seeking to live authentically, to seek the truth in Love, and to help their neighbor believe more fully in life since the 1970s. Through times of lean and times of plenty … read more.

For Small Creatures Such as We

“…the vastness is bearable only through Love.” So writes the great cosmologist and science popularizer Carl Sagan in his science-fiction book “Contact”, a story exploring the implications of extraterrestrial communications with the human race and the rapid fire, overwhelming changes that may accompany such a … read more.

2U and Article 2: Love Illuminating

“Love is the spirit of this church”…So it is said in so many Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country. This lead-in to the covenant written by the 19th century Unitarian minister James Villa Blake, beloved by so many, invokes the name of Love not as … read more.