Topic: Belonging

A Very Merry Mabon!

As the Wheel of the Year turns we have arrived in the boughs of Autumn and many of our earth-centered and pagan friends are observing the festival of Mabon. Sometimes referred to as the “Pagan Thanksgiving”, Mabon is a time for centering gratitude, setting intentions, … read more.

What is the Beloved Community?

You’ve likely heard the words “Beloved Community” before. At the end of worship, Rev. Juniper often evokes this idea in her benediction “Let us rock, roll, and move towards that Beloved Community on the horizon.”

Our congregation is beginning to reenter a period of study in … read more.

Water Communion

Join 2nd Unitarian as we welcome our friends from the Lincoln Unitarian Church for a special collaborative Water Communion! Rev. Oscar Lewis of Lincoln and Rev. Juniper Meadows of Omaha will offer reflections and invite attendees to participate in our traditional Water Communion ritual.

In person … read more.

Batman vs. Scooby Doo

Batman vs. Scooby Doo

Labor Day is a recognition and celebration of the contributions of the worker as well as the advances in labor rights throughout American history. Therefore, it is also a day to recognize and acknowledge the fact that, despite progress, America still treats … read more.