The Power of Community

Join us as we explore
the Community of Belonging,
the Community of Healing,
and the Community of Possibility.

This Sunday we will have Whole Congregation Worship!

Children and youth:

  • Sing in a “round”.
  • Hear a story about John Murray.
  • Play BINGO!
  • Bring a snack to share after the service!

To carry on the theme Power of Community after the service, please bring a multi-cultural or “from your heritage” snack!

What do we mean by multi-cultural or from your heritage?

  • Did your grandmother make Latvian Piparkuka cookies? Dust off that recipe and bring some to share!
  • Are you in love with New Zealand Tim Tams? Stop by World Market and pick up a pack for fellowship!
  • Does your neighbor make amazing Dabo Kolo? Offer to rake their lawn in exchange for a bit of this Ethiopian snack to enjoy during coffee hour.

~ the 2U Religious Growth and Learning Council