Speaker: Rev. Mary Moore

Rev. Mary Moore has served as our minister since December 2020. To view a list of Rev. Moore’s sermon videos, click here.

Where Folks Find Joy at Christmas

Christmas may not feel so joyful for some this year.

Perhaps one will be missing being with certain family members or friends.

Perhaps if one has gotten so swept up in making joy for others, one is robbed of joy.

Amidst carols and candlelight at close of day, … read more.

There Is More Joy Somewhere

This Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of the Advent season within the Christian tradition, the Sunday when Christians focus upon Joy.

On this morning, we will explore preparing for joy and doing things in our life which will lead to having more joy.


Recognizing Joy

Sometimes we don’t recognize Joy when it surrounds us or comes to enter our lives. This might be especially true if it has been awhile since we think we have experienced Joy. On this morning, during the month when our Soul Matters theme is “Opening to … read more.


As the wheel of the year turns, we approach Samhain, the cross quarter between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.