On Empathy: The Practice of Widening Our Hearts to Include The Pain of Others 

This joint worship service between First Unitarian and Second Unitarian explores how we practice empathy.  As we intentionally study and learn about Widening Our Circle of Concern in our congregations, we must focus on changing ourselves so that we together can create a community that is truly inclusive.  A Tapestry of Faith workshop asks this question: “How does our congregation limit the expression and full inclusion of those with marginalized identities in order to make those at the center more comfortable?”

Author Leslie Jamison says: Empathy isn’t just something that happens to us – a meteor shower of synapses firing across the brain—it’s also a choice we make: to pay attention, to extend ourselves. It’s made of exertion, the dowdier cousin of impulse….

Come to this worship service for inspiration and spiritual challenges.