Pride and Pentecost: A Blessing of Hot Tongues

As we enter into a glorious Pride Month, this Sunday of June 5th also marks the occurrence of Pentecost in the Christian liturgical calendar; a holy day written in the book of Acts when the disciples of Jesus received the direct experience of a transcendent mystery and wonder, nurturing their spiritual gifts and blessing them with the power to speak across difference.

In this troubled age we Unitarian Universalists with our diverse understandings of the sacred have our own prophesying to do. As hateful rhetoric rises, as rights to autonomy are eroded, we are called to speak truth to power and offer succor to the marginalized and oppressed with hot tongues and healing hearts. How may we be such heralds of justice, liberty, and love? Let us grasp our inner fire, find our gifts of the spirit, and let them shine proud!