The Doctrine of Discovery

Today, in reflection on Columbus Day, we consider the religious doctrine that fueled much of the European conquest of the western Hemisphere. And we will consider what responses might be appropriate and helpful for us as citizens of this hemisphere and as Unitarian Universalists.

We Are Sanctuary

What does it mean to be a people of Sanctuary in this congregation? We will explore this in a basic sense, in the context of National Coming Out Day, and in the challenge it presents to us!

Face to Face with Your Visions

Having a vision is a good exercise, but exercising your vision is better. Preston Love, Jr. shares the journey from vision to value. The need to press-on when the journey get tough, press-on with faith. The vision comes from above; the faith keeps your eye on the victory.

Water Communion & Ingathering

Honoring a UU tradition, we will celebrate our ingathering with the sharing of our water. We will also enter into covenant with our new DRE, Jillian Post, and have a reception for her during coffee hour. Bring water from a source that matters to you in some way!

The Vision Path

Our monthly worship theme is Vision. What does it mean to be a people of vision, of dreams, of purpose, as a religious community? How does it change how we live?

A Season of Balance

What does it mean to have lives that are in ‘balance,’ as individuals and as a community? How do we know if this is even something to strive for, by ourselves or together? As we begin another congregational year, considering this could be crucial.  


Join us for this service on Balance.

The Walls We Build Ourselves

A reflection on how, as individuals and as cultures, classes, races and nations we often let ego, fear, tribalism, rules, and routines wall us off from insight, growth, novelty, contact and compassion.  How might we find a better balance between self and society?