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Owning Your Religious Past

“Many Unitarian Universalist adults have a need to reckon with their religious upbringings and integrate them into their current religious lives. Thus may they gain spiritual growth, moving toward a place of wholeness, self-understanding and personal peace.” This is UU minister Rev. Sarah Gibb’s belief.

We’ll … read more.

Question Box Sunday

This has been a favorite service in several other congregations in which Rev. Mary has served as minister.  They are becoming a tradition in many UU congregations.

Some 2U people have submitted questions about theology, church history or polity, ethics, UUism in general, etc. During the … read more.

The 8th Principle Service

Join us for a joint service between First Unitarian and Second Unitarian as we start the discernment about embracing the 8th principle.

Paula Cole Jones, organizer of the 8th Principle Project, realized after working with many UU congregations that a person can believe they are being … read more.

Let Nature Fill You with Soulful Celebration!

Nature and the natural world engender a spirit of celebration in us — harking back to our 19th century Unitarian Transcendentalist forebears!

On this Sunday at 2U, we will continue to focus on this month’s theme of Celebration as we (including our 2U young people) lift … read more.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate the Small Things

“Celebration” is 2U’s Monthly Theme for July.  On this Sunday, we’ll be taking a look at how making a point of recognizing and  celebrating things in our lives and in the lives of our families and communities helps to make life more meaningful.

Celebrate with Music

Music is one of the oldest traditions of humanity. From 40,000 year old bone flutes to 4000 year old temples designed to amplify the amplify the voices of worshipers, music is intrinsically linked to human history and today we celebrate its spiritual power.


Playing With the Rules

As we gather the pieces and fold the board on June’s theme of Play we have the opportunity to examine the rules; how do they enhance our play, do we really need them, and why is it so much fun to break them?