Pluralism: Guiding Each Other Home (Video)

May begins our exploration of Pluralism, an ethic of intentionally welcoming a diverse cast of people and elevating the fruits that can only emerge amongst people sharing community while carrying different experiences, backgrounds, identities, abilities, ages, and perspectives.

This Sunday, let us explore the promise and challenge of Pluralism both within our congregation and in this country. From the hope and the harrow of immigration, to the challenge of finding our center in a new community. It can be hard to be open to the stranger in our midst, but is it not harder to be the stranger? How may we expand our Welcome, magnify our Love, and be a people bent on building Beloved Community?

We will also have our new member ceremony, celebrating the growth of our diverse community of seekers! Whoever you are, whatever you believe (or don’t believe) you are invited to seek the truth in love with us as we guide one another home to that land where all may be welcome at Love’s table.