We welcome new members at Second Unitarian Church! Here are the suggested steps toward membership.

Thoughtfully Consider If Second Unitarian Is Right For You

Learn about this faith and this church, so you may discern if Second Unitarian Church is a good fit for you. We offer three ways to assist you in this:

New to UU? Attend our “Pathways to Membership” Series

We recommend you attend this two-class series. Offered twice a year, we:

    • Explore our individual spiritual journeys and beliefs.
    • Learn about UU history and our faith.
    • Learn about the benefits and responsibilities of membership.

Unitarian Universalism 101 Alternative

If a two-class series cannot fit into your schedule, we offer an online self-study option at Unitarian Universalism 101. Here you will find a series of short videos explaining this faith and its history. We also recommend you view Second Unitarian’s Purpose, Vision & Mission and our Covenant of Right Relations. You may also wish to view information about religious education for Children & Youth as well as for Adults.

We invite you to peruse this website at your leisure and at your own pace. If you find that our faith resonates with you, we invite you to meet with Rev. Juniper Meadows or a Connection Team member to ask questions and discuss the possibility of membership at Second Unitarian.

Already a UU?

Perhaps you are already well-versed in Unitarian Universalism! You are still welcome to attend the Pathways to Membership series — it’s good to connect with other UUs, review or deepen your understanding of Unitarian Universalism and learn more about Second Unitarian and the expectations of membership.

You can also simply meet with Rev. Juniper Meadows or a Connection Team member to discuss membership. Should you decide to join, please consider participating in the brief signing and welcoming ceremonies.

Attend a Signing Ceremony To Join

If you decide you are ready to join 2U as a member, please let a Connection Team member know. You will then be invited to a Signing Ceremony, which is offered twice yearly. During this brief, joyful ceremony, you and others may join by signing 2U’s membership book. If you are unable to attend, a Connection Team member can assist you in making alternative arrangements to sign the book.

Make a Financial Pledge

Our bylaws require new members to turn in a signed financial pledge form within 60 days of joining 2U. You decide the amount. Please be as thoughtful and generous as you can in deciding your fair share of the church’s needs, in light of your income and means. Your initial pledge should reflect the remaining time left in the church year (July 1 – June 30). In other words, if only six months remain in the church year, pledge only half of what you would pledge in a full year. See Annual Pledging.

Attend a Welcoming Ceremony

This joyful ceremony is presented during a Sunday worship service. The congregation celebrates and welcomes you and other new members into the Second Unitarian community.

If you have further questions about membership, please contact our Connection Team Chairperson at membership@2uomaha.org