Topic: Sanctuary

Justice and Peace in Palestine

Last year, Sharon went to the Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem and the West Bank with the Interfaith Peace Builders. Sharon’s group met with Palestinian and Israelis justice advocates – people who have seen 1st hand the reality of Palestinians lives are unrelenting advocates for … read more.

Faith Floods the Desert

Today, Cyndi will share the deeper story, the heart, of her trip to Arizona to leave water for migrants in the vast Sonoran desert of southern Arizona. What happens to the migrants who cross this deadly area? What happened to those who came to participate … read more.

The Doctrine of Discovery

Today, in reflection on Columbus Day, we consider the religious doctrine that fueled much of the European conquest of the western Hemisphere. And we will consider what responses might be appropriate and helpful for us as citizens of this hemisphere and as Unitarian Universalists.

We Are Sanctuary

What does it mean to be a people of Sanctuary in this congregation? We will explore this in a basic sense, in the context of National Coming Out Day, and in the challenge it presents to us!