We care about You – And Your Safety! Join us on August 27th after the Worship Service

Last month, Officer Jason Cvitanov, who is a senior ranked Omaha Police Academy instructor toured our church and gave us several tips to keep the church safer.

At that time, he volunteered to come (on his own time) and lead the congregation through a “Situation Awareness” exercise. It is well known that you will freeze unless you practice how to handle a threatening situation. With the world we live in today, this training could someday save your life. It may not be at our church – as we all unfortunately know, you may encounter a situation anywhere, anytime. We want everyone to be prepared. Officer Cvitanov is a compelling speaker and instructor. I guarantee this will be a valuable use of your time.

We are offering a light lunch after the worship service on August 27th. The program will begin at I2:30 and last about an hour. I am planning on as many of you to be there as is possible. Please let Ashleigh Fuson or Janet Nichols know if you will be needing child care.