2023 PRIDE Parade and Festival Uplifting and Record-Breaking

Large group of 2U members taken just before the parade started. Many wearing their Side With Love t-shirts.

More than 40 fun-loving 2U folks gathered to march in the 2023 Heartland PRIDE “Love Out Loud” Parade. We found ourselves in great company with a record-breaking 190 groups marching in the parade, with thousands watching!

It was especially uplifting this year to see so much support and love for our LGBTQIA2S+ community. Both the people walking the parade route as well as the crowd watching had a fun time interacting and cheering each other on. Check out our photos below.

After the parade, Rev. Juniper Meadows along with 2U and OATS members greeted festival-goers at our booth at the CHI Center, where they chatted with people about our church and OATS (Open Arms Trans Social Group).

Be sure to come join in the fun next year. It’s a guaranteed pick-you-up that will leave you with a smile on your face for the rest of the weekend!

Happy Pride!

Two members carrying the Second Unitarian Church banner in Pride parade.

It was a banner day as the rains took a day off.


Rev. Juniper Meadows and Second Unitarian members walking in the Pride parade.

Rev. Juniper Meadows spread messages of love all along the parade route.


People waving from Red Miata in parade. Large speakers sitting in back seat.

The crowds cheered as PRIDE anthems blasted from the Miata.


Red Jeep with Pride banners and umbrella.

Molly’s Jeep wearing its Pride colors.


Pride Parade goers sitting in ORBT bus, wearing yellow Side with Love t-shirts.

Catching a ride together on ORBT for an easy trip to the parade and back.