Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Dear Beloved Community: 2020 has certainly proven to be a most challenging and even frightening year. So many people across the country and the world are facing enormous struggles with health, shelter, occupation, food and financial security due to the pandemic and natural disasters. We all fervently hope that these challenges will be short lived in the grand scheme.

Second Unitarian members and friends have been incredibly generous in giving to our Share the Plate fund, which has been supporting the Food Bank for the Heartland for several months, but which also adds to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is available to members and affiliates of the church to help manage short-term financial hardships. While we are between ministers here at 2U, the Board Chair, Sue Aschinger, is charged with overseeing distribution of this fund to those who seek assistance with paying for things such as food, shelter, clothing, medical expenses, or transportation.

If you are in need of some financial assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Sue to discuss the possibility of accessing the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. Your communication will be completely confidential. We ARE all in this together and can feel comfortable relying on each other in this stressful time.

~ Board of Trustees