Intergenerational Program for RE Kids and Congregants

Intergenerational Program for RE Kids and Congregants – Coming March 4th through April 14th

Many of you know this program by some other name but this year we are calling it Mystery Pals. The program provides a way for the children and youth from Religious Education and 2U Congregants to exchange anonymous messages and get to know one another a little better. The last week (April 14th) will end with the “reveal” and a small breakfast.

The first steps are permission slips from parents who want their children to participate and sign-up sheets filled out by adults who want to be partnered with an RE kid. Look for these pieces by early to mid-February with an email to parents or a clearly marked sign up box in the lobby for adults. You need to be signed up by February 24th in order to be matched with one of our RE kids.

If you have questions, please reach out me at

~ Jillian Post, DRE