The Giving Tree project begins

by Jillian Post, DRE

Let’s Try This Again!

Due to cancelled services last week, the start of our project was delayed.

After services this Sunday, December 9th, you will see a small decorated tree in the 2U lobby. On this tree, you will find ornaments that the RE children and youth have colored and decorated. On the back, you will find a name and some information supplied by our 2018 community partner, The Refugee Empowerment Center of Omaha.

Here’s how the project will work this year:

  • Take an ornament.
  • Purchase the gift.
  • Wrap it.
  • Put the decorated tag back on it.
  • Return it by the deadline – December 23rd

Please keep the price point under $25 and return it to 2U by December 23rd.

The RE program at 2U thanks you in advance for your generosity in helping this most vulnerable community in our city