Omaha Gives Generously!

Our Omaha Gives! Fundraiser was a success! During the 24 hour challenge we earned $5,052.14 plus a $1,000 bonus! That is over $6000!!

And as one member said the morning after – We didn’t have to vacuum the church after this fundraiser! 

Thank you to all who supported 2U!

Gay A.

Janice A.

Kathy A.

Nancy A.

Clyde A.


Sue A.

Denny B.

Lisa B.

Pat C.

Cheri C.

Ruth C.

Pam C.

Neva C.

Todd D.

JoAnne D.

Judy E.

Ruth F.

Louisa F.

Tammy H.

Carol J.

Molly K.

John K.

Larry K.

Anita M.

Carolyn M.

Pam M.

Tom P.

Craig P.

Vicki P.

Becki S.

Jaime S.

Ronda S.

Jenni W.

Rachel Y.