Speaker: Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Your Soul’s Address

Giving ourselves caring and good attention is necessary for our own souls. This attention is the basis of our care for all other beings.


It may be that what we pay attention to is more important to our happiness than fame or fortune, beauty or brains, fate or coincidence. What do we pay attention to? And what do we pay attention to together?

Beloved Dead

Again we will share a remembrance of our beloved dead. Please bring pictures or mementoes of your beloveds – family, friends, creatures. We will build an altar, hear a story and re-connect with those who have gone before.

Promises of Belonging

As Unitarian Universalists, we are, religiously, a people of Covenant. It is our Covenants that hold us together and create the central purpose of our lives in religious community.

Water Communion & Ingathering

Honoring a UU tradition, we will celebrate our ingathering with the sharing of our water from a place or places that were meaningful for you this summer, from Home to Away. Bring water from a source that matters to you in some way! And don’t … read more.

Creative Together

What does it mean to be creative in community, rather than as an individual? What supports our efforts to be creative and dynamic in building our Beloved Community? What gets in the way?