Rev. Cyndi Simpson

The Power of Play

Play is about our sense of joy, of life, of connection. Of physical and spiritual delight. That won’t preach – it must be lived. Today, we will play together as a community – with our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits!

**Cancelled** Trusting Our(white)selves on Race

  Today we are showing Brittney Packnett’s 2018 Ware Lecture in the afternoon. As a lead-in to that we wonder how do those of us who are white people trust ourselves on race? How can we know when we are making progress?

Ruby Bridges

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, we will learn about a hero of the Civil Rights Era who is still changing the world today in many powerful ways: Ruby Bridges.

Holy Darkness

Though often viewed negatively, Darkness can be experienced as both holy and sacred. We will explore Mystery as Holy Darkness in this contemplative worship service.


Chalica is a winter holiday unique to Unitarian Universalism, celebrating and affirming our faith through our Seven Principles. We will explore Chalica as a holiday and hear thoughts on each of our Principles.