Speaker: Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Creative Together

What does it mean to be creative in community, rather than as an individual? What supports our efforts to be creative and dynamic in building our Beloved Community? What gets in the way?

Prophecy for Today: Sacred Economics

We will hear a modern prophet, Charles Eisenstein, present a vision for a different kind of world economy, based on gift economy, that could support our redefining what it means to be human and to live in human community on this planet.

Two UU Prophets

Today we will hear of two historic UU prophets: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and Ram Mohan Roy. What might we learn from them today?

We Walk in Beauty

Beauty is a sacred and spiritual concept in many cultures and religious/philosophical systems.

What connects beauty and the sacred? What can we learn from other traditions about this connection?

Flower Festival

Today we celebrate the Flower Festival created by Norbert and Maja Čapek for Unitarian, the Unitarian Church in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Be sure to bring a flower to share!

Honor Sunday

Today we give gratitude for our Religious Education volunteers We give welcome and enter into covenant with our new members! It’s a good moment to reflect on what our membership meant and means to us.

The Gift of Giving

That giving makes us more generous may seem a paradox, but it is true! This Sunday, as we lead up to the Omaha Gives Campaign, we will consider the relationship among giving, generosity and abundance.