Speaker: Rev. Cyndi Simpson


For Easter, we will consider the meaning of salvation in Unitarian Universalism. Is there any value in the concept, if not in the word itself? There need be no fear in approaching this word!

The Power of Play

Play is about our sense of joy, of life, of connection. Of physical and spiritual delight. That won’t preach – it must be lived. Today, we will play together as a community – with our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits!

Becoming Accomplices (Audio)

Today we are showing Brittney Packnett’s 2018 Ware Lecture. As a lead-in to that we wonder: how do those of us who are white people move forward on the path to anti-racism? Within ourselves and within our communities, including this Beloved Community?

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The Last Thing We Need to Ration is Love (Audio)

Our view of money can be tainted by fear – of scarcity, of loss, of failure. Fear that we will lose “everything” and be sent to the “poorhouse,” on a wave of blame! What happens if we can see our community’s wealth as an abundance of love made manifest?