Speaker: Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Ten More Years of Life

Reality is hard! What if we could use the power of gaming to strengthen our resilience and add years to our lives? Game designer Jane McGonigal shows us how!

Here is a link to the video viewed during the worship service, McGonigal’s TEDGlobal 2012 talk, … read more.

Let the Children March

Today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, we will learn about the Children’s Crusade of 1963, which changed the course of the Civil Rights movement. What are children doing today that is changing the world? What can YOU do?


Today we begin a New Year together by welcoming our New Director of Religious Education and our New Members! Let us begin with Integrity in all ways, as we mean to go forward in this beloved religious community.

The Promise and the Practice

What would our worship service look like if centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of Black Unitarian Universalists? What truths might we hear? How might Black UU leaders teach us to be better accomplices, better siblings in faith, and even better citizens in … read more.