Speaker: Rev. Cyndi Simpson

Flower Communion

We will celebrate our annual Flower Communion, a unique UU historic tradition, in a unique and virtual way!

Here is the Zoom link: https://uuma.zoom.us/j/95876571156



Compassion & Protest

Our monthly theme is COMPASSION. How does compassion inform our views of the anti-racism protests happening nationwide? How do we square compassion and respect for everyone’s dignity and worth with the violent reality of the protests?
Rev. Cyndi Simpson


There Might be Pineapples

With the pandemic and with climate change, we are experiencing enormous global uncertainty and transformation. How can we imagine, and lead, and create beyond these disasters? What kind of congregation, community, nation, and world do we hope to have? What are the possibilities?

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Ten More Years of Life

Reality is hard! What if we could use the power of gaming to strengthen our resilience and add years to our lives? Game designer Jane McGonigal shows us how!

Here is a link to the video viewed during the worship service, McGonigal’s TEDGlobal 2012 talk, … read more.