Support Our Schools Petition – Round Two

For the first time in history, Nebraska lawmakers this Spring passed a bill to deny citizens their right to vote on an issue that was put on the ballot through a successful referendum petition by the people last Fall. Many of us at Second Unitarian signed that petition.

The unprecedented move by lawmakers is of concern to all Nebraska voters. If lawmakers are unwilling to respect the referendum process when it comes to using public dollars funding private schools, it begs the question: Are we really a representative government? If elected officials aren’t interested in representing Nebraskans on this issue, how will we trust them to represent constituents on other matters?

Beginning May 12th, members of 2U’s Social Justice Committee began circulating a new petition. “The object of this petition is to: Repeal Section 1 of LB 1402, passed by the 108th Nebraska Legislature in 2024, which directs $10 million dollars annually for financial grants-in-aid for eligible students to attend a qualifying privately operated elementary or secondary school in Nebraska.”

Many of you have already signed this petition, and we will continue to have copies of the petition at church to sign through June. Remember, you must be a registered voter in Nebraska to sign the petition.