Protect Our Rights Presentation and Training Video

On Feb. 28, 2024, Second Unitarian Church hosted a Protect Our Rights presentation and training session on how each of us can help protect abortion rights in Nebraska. Recorded in the video below, the evening’s speakers included:

Vicki Pratt, Second Unitarian member. Presented a “Grounding and History of UU Involvement in Reproductive Rights.”

Allie Berry, a project manager for Protect Our Rights. Explained the “Protect Our Rights” ballot initiative, different ways to share your support, and finding common ground when talking about this initiative.

It’s time to protect the right to abortion in Nebraska.

Protect Our Rights is a coalition of Nebraskans and local reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations working to return the right to make important decisions around abortion care to patients and their health care providers, not the government.

Most Nebraskans support safe, legal abortion and every one of you is crucial to protecting our rights. We need your help to raise awareness among this majority so we can collect the needed signatures and turn out voters to protect our rights.

Won’t you join us?

To find petition locations in your area, view the Protect Our Rights Events Calendar.

Or, contact Second Unitarian’s Social Justice Committee at