FYI about Zoom

Since 2U started “broadcasting” the worship service every Sunday, Zoom has grown, changed and improved with time. There are now more options to assist participants who want to be actively engaged during their Zoom “meetings”…. including the addition of closed captioning. It is fairly accurate, considering it translates live discussions, and may be helpful to those struggling to hear or understand what is being said in the service.

To access the captioning feature, look through the icons typically located at the bottom of the Zoom window. The icons and their location may vary depending on what device you use, but “Captions” is listed under the three dots for “More Options” and you can simply click on it to read what is being said during the worship service.

We are always looking for ways to be more inclusive during Worship services. Please let a member of the Worship team know if you find closed captioning helpful or if you have thoughts for how we can be more radically welcoming to people of all abilities.