OWL – Our Whole Lives

Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula for use in both secular settings and faith communities.
And for the event we’ve all been waiting for – OWL. When is it? What level should my kid attend? When is it going to meet? Will there be snacks? How are you planning to catch up the kids who have missed two years due to the pandemic?
I know. I’ve been wondering too.
If you have a child or you are an adult interested in participating in OWL click here. If you are a trained facilitator, please email me. The DRE at First Unitarian and I are working hard to find out the needs of our congregations regarding OWL, so that we can best figure out how to meet those needs. In order to know which levels need to be taught first, how many facilitators we will need, and other details – we need to know who is interested in taking OWL this year. We have classes for all levels, from Kindergarten to Older Adults, and it is very important to us that anyone who WANTS to participate in OWL has an opportunity to do so.