Stewardship Drive Update

The Stewardship Campaign for 2021 – 2022 officially ended on March 28, 2021.

Total Pledges received were in the amount of $158,718.00 of our $185,000 goal.

Our pledge drive of 2021 showed us the deep commitment of our congregation to be generous even in the face of  unprecedented challenges. As you know, a big part of our goal was based on bringing in professional ministry to help us pave that path. Even with our goal of $185,00 we are not going to be able to support a full time “on site” minister, so the proposed budget included a ¾ time minister.

The Board and the Finance committee will be looking at our options in the upcoming weeks. If you are able to increase your pledge, please consider doing that now. If you received the stimulus check and are so blessed to not need it, consider investing it in Second Unitarian Church. You may use the online link for that purpose. We are asking that you put your “Final” pledge on the form.

Our dream for Second Unitarian Church to have an authentic, compassionate, transformative religious community is so close to coming to fruition. The meaning and purpose work that you all participated in, and the new ReVision plan that  will be unveiled in the coming weeks are going to help us pave “Our New Path Forward.”

We should all be filled with pride in everything that we have accomplished this year. We can hope for an even better future in 2021 and beyond by offering opportunities to grow this faith we love by further embracing technology, reaching out to a new and more diverse membership, and having an even greater impact on the world.

Let us join together to sustain the caring community within and beyond our congregation.

The Stewardship Committee