Safety Task Force Update 6/02

The Safety Task Force II has completed a plan for returning to the building. Return to Building Plan. The Covid case numbers have been continuing to decline for the past few weeks. To summarize, the number for the week preceding May 10 was 1072, the week preceding May 17 was 729, and the week preceding May 24 was 379. Last week the case totals for Douglas, Sarpy, and Cass counties dropped below 300 for the first time, totaling 196. We are currently at the “Red” level. For us to drop out of the “Red” category, through “Pink” and into “Orange”, the case total would have to stay below 300 for two additional consecutive weeks. Much work still needs to be done on the building and technology fronts before we open for services, but the Board of Trustees has been compiling a list of the building and technology concerns, and will begin checking off these items as they are completed. When we do begin having hybrid (In-person and Zoom combined) Sunday worship services, the in-person attendance will be limited per the Safety Task Force plan, depending on the number of cases in the Tri-county area.

~ Ed Bok