Pollinator Garden Seed Packet

Thanks to all who have picked up pollinator seed packets from the deck of the church building at 3012 South 119th Street. We hope you’re enjoying the project! There are still some packets left in the basket, so if you have a plot or area for planting and want to help the environment, please feel free to pick up a packet, each of which contains 3/4 tsp. of seed. For those of you who have asked for a repeat of last Sunday’s stated instructions, these guidelines will help:

Prepare the ground by raking and watering. The following day, scatter the seeds, planting them 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep and tamping them down. Spray with water every morning or evening but do not saturate. Sprouts of 44 fresh, native Nebraska wildflowers will begin to appear in approximately 2 weeks, annuals blooming this summer, perennials blooming probably by summer or fall, establishing their root systems over winter, then blooming year after year, giving color to your garden from May through late fall. The mixture is designed to attract butterflies, bees, and insects beneficial to our ecosystem. Please consider bringing one of your resulting blooming flowers to next year’s annual Flower Ceremony!

~ Lorraine Duggin