Meaning and Purpose Update January 12th

The Board of Trustees and Nominations and Leadership Development Committee would like to say thank you to those who have participated in the process of finding the church’s Meaning and Purpose. We had good, thoughtful conversations at our recent town halls, and we are grateful for those who took the time to join them, but we do want input from as many of our congregants as possible. So on January 12 we sent out an email to members with a link to a Google form that provides the opportunity to offer comments on the five themes that were discerned from the small group meetings: Connection, Living our Values, Organizational Structure, Religious Education and Ministry.
This Google form is for any church member to fill out – those who could not make the town halls and weigh in on a discussion and those who attended the town hall meetings but would like to offer some thoughts on a theme different from the one they discussed in their breakout room at the town hall. The email sent on January 12th contained the link to a Google form and instructions on how it works.