From the Board

These were among the matters the Board addressed in February:

  • The Board is reviewing the UUA’s resources on reopening the building and looking at forming a small group of folks from the health care field to help make a decision on the reopening process. Ed Bok says we may need to look at a graduated process of being back in the building.
  • Safety Task Force II. Ed has a short list of people he thinks would be good for the second safety task force and will be reaching out to them. But anyone who has an interest in working to improve building and congregation physical safety should contact Ed to participate.
  • The Board is reviewing options for a minister after Rev. Mary Moore’s contract ends May 31. We are looking at possibilities of extending targeted ministry, while working with the UUA to determine our best options.
  • As we had reported previously, when construction on the ramp was to begin last fall, our contractor noted that the entire deck was in poor condition and was unsafe. The Board has now moved to accept a bid from Diversified Services to replace the deck, along with the new ramp, which was part of the Bathroom project. Diversified Services will also repair our chimney, which is unsafe and in need of repairs. (See separate article for more information.)
  • Two strong candidates have been identified for the technology coordinator position and follow-up interviews with each candidate are in the works.
  • 2021/2022 Budget discussion. The Board is still reviewing ways to bring our proposed budget into balance, and part of that discussion is the financial benefit of going to a 3/4 time minister versus a full-time minister. Board members are looking at the pros and cons, and this discussion is tied in with the Minister search discussion.
  • Dorothy Danielson updated the Board on the stewardship campaign, which will be underway as of this reading. Dorothy also encouraged the Board to think about developing a stewardship chairperson retention plan. She would like to have someone work with her next year that she could hand off to following year. Anyone interested in taking on this leadership role, please contact Dorothy.
  • Dates have been set for the annual meeting and preceding town hall, which will go over the budget being presented at the annual meeting. The town hall is set for May 22 at 10 a.m. via zoom and the annual meeting is June 12 at 10 a.m. via zoom.

The Board’s next meeting is March 27 at 10 a.m. via Zoom. Please note that the meeting time has been rescheduled from the usual third Wednesday of the month. Any member of the church who is interested in attending a Board meeting should contact one of the members of the Board to receive an emailed Zoom meeting link. This year’s Board is: Sue Aschinger (Chairperson), Ed Bok (Vice Chairperson), Pam Curtiss-Smith, Dorothy Danielson, Pam Miller-Jenkins (Secretary) and Tom Peterson.