First Hour on September 12th

First Hour on September 12th at 9 a.m. on Zoom will feature Together Omaha which is the Share the Plate recipient for September and October. Tom Hoy, VP of Development will be with us to share stories about the work of Together Omaha and Second U member, Pete Miller, is on the staff.  Please register at this link.

Together Omaha’s mission is to prevent and end hunger and homelessness in the Omaha and surrounding communities. This is done through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and community support. Together envisions a community of prosperity where everyone experiences safe, affordable housing, food security, health and wellness.

Together has three main programs: The Nourish Program, Horizons Rapid Rehousing Program, and Crisis Engagement Program. These three programs work together to help the most vulnerable in our community. The Nourish Program helps with a Choice Food Pantry, nutrition education, SNAP registration, and WIC outreach. The Horizons Program focuses on rehousing individuals and families that are street or shelter homeless. The Crisis Engagement Program focuses on preventing a household from becoming homeless.

~ Cheri Cody