What is Faith Connections? What is UU 101? In 2020 at Meaning and Purpose meetings &Townhalls many of you expressed a desire for Adult Religious Education. In Jan 2021 a small but mighty group came together to make this happen.

Adult Education was renamed Faith Connections. This newly formed umbrella has three broad themes:

  1. Loving One Another – to explore navigating diverse relationships
  2. Loving Faith – to explore our religious roots. .
  3. Loving Mother Earth – explore improving stewardship of our world.

On Tuesday, March 28 and Saturday, March 30 our first program “UU 101 and Our Stories,” was launched. Faith Connections hosted a return to “First Hour” on April 11th via zoom about the 2U Community Garden and composting.

Due to such positive response Faith Connections continues.

For our upcoming Sept program, we have:

Sept 12th: First Hour, Together Inc

Sept. 14th: UU 101 Merger at 1:00 PM

Sept 18th: UU 101 Merger 10:00 AM


If this is of interest to you, please contact JoAnne Draper. We would love to have you!