Faith Connections

First Hour on April 11 was a hit! Hope you can join us for the next one – Sunday May 9th – which will have a TED Talk by nationally acclaimed author Valarie Kaur.
Still happening this month:
  • APRIL 14 6 pm  A panel discussion Zoom session from 6-7:30 pm “Democracy Today: A Faith Call for Justice and Democracy”. Register here: Register Now
  • APRIL 21 6:30 pm  OTOC Listening session. Contact Michaela Weiss, JoAnne Draper or Cheri Cody for sign up information.
  • APRIL 25 2:30 pm “Candidate Accountability Session” Hosted by OTOC. Preregistration required. See Social Justice article for full information.
  • NOW!  It’s not too late to submit your ideas and opinions about adult opportunities for learning and faith development! Fill in our short (3 multiple choice questions) survey so we can meet your needs. Here’s the link:
~ Pam Curtiss-Smith