Covid Closing Update

The Board of Second Unitarian has begun discussing the eventual return to using our church building for in-person meetings. Serious question must be unpacked in regard to when the Covid pandemic will subside to a point where we feel it is safe to begin coming back into the building.

In anticipation of answering these questions, we have taken several steps. Many of us attended a series of webinars sponsored by the MidWest Region of the UUA. The Board also decided to assign the research of these questions to the newly-forming Safety Task Force II, as this relates to the safety of all of our members. Finally, we are beginning to identify the voices we will pay closest attention to, and the criteria we will continue to evaluate as we move forward.

As much as we would all love to immediately begin the path back into our beloved building, these decisions must be made in light of science, data, and shared wisdom. Please rest assured that the process is beginning, and that we hope to return to in-person worship as soon as the evidence supports that decision.

~ Ed Bok