What does Second Unitarian MEAN to you? What is our PURPOSE?

To define our long term ministry needs, we all need to search deep about what our church means to each of us and together define what our purpose is as a spiritual community. What type of ministry will best fit our church?

Your Board of Trustees, along with your Leadership Development Team has developed a plan to engage all members of the congregation in this important work.

As members, soon you will be receiving an email that will explain the Meaning and Purpose process, with questions to contemplate. A separate communication will be sent with several date and time options and how to sign up for the small group discussions. You will also be receiving a phone call to ensure you received the email, encourage you to participate, and to answer questions you might have.

Once all these small groups have concluded, we will communicate opportunities to work together in larger groups to find common themes. We hope that this work will help us find our purpose and define our future ministry needs. This process will take place over the next few months.

We look forward to working with you on this important process.

Board of Trustees,

Sue Aschinger

Ed Bok

Pam Curtiss-Smith

Dorothy Danielson

Pam Miller-Jenkins

Tom Peterson

Leadership Development,

Anita Jeck

Julie Kirn

Pete Miller